1. SAT Vocabulary Test 2

The first test was checking our knowledge of advanced vocabulary which starts with the letter A. It’s funny because I know many such words. When I was preparing for TOEFL this summer, for some reason they were my main focus. But apparently, I hadn’t learned all of them… yet.

2. IELTS Reading Comprehension Test 1

Yikes! 6.5 sounds offensive, tbh. I wish they showed the incorrect answers.



Hi! Here are some of the new words from today’s Memrise sesh.

  1. to writhe: to make large twisting movements with the body/to experience a very difficult or unpleasant situation or emotion, such as extreme embarrassment

He and four other senators were writhing in the glare of unfavorable publicity.

2. expletive: a word that is considered offensive

She dropped the book on her foot and let out a string of expletives.

3. balk: to be unwilling to do something or to allow something to happen

I balked at the prospect of spending four hours on a train with him.

4. to fluster: to make someone upset and confused, especially when they are trying to do something

Don’t let that new tax form fluster you — it’s not as bad as it looks.



By 95%, yeah… I wonder where the other 5% went. Supposedly, it was me not liking to share my political views on social media. Well, frankly speaking, if you live in Russia, it’s safer not to. It was very interesting to read through the descriptions, even though I already knew what my stance on American politics was.

Though the accuracy of this test is debatable simply because of the small number of questions, I still find the overview true to life.